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MYZONE® Heart Rate Tracking Technology

Posted by Müv Training on 8/15/16 4:35 PM


Why using MYZONE® is the best way to workout

The hardest part of working out after a long day is finding the motivation to get through a quality workout, and doing enough to reach your end goal. MYZONE® has incorporated everything from motivation and support to showing you exactly what each of your workouts did for you.

MYZONE® is cutting-edge technology that monitors your heart rate, caloric burn and other crucial stats through a chest strap you wear during your workout. Your stats are displayed live in the gym and are updated in real time. But wait, it gets better… Your MYZONE® stats are also transmitted to your online logbook to track all of your previous workouts. It gives you everything you need in order to be successful, stay on track, and never give up.



MYZONE gives you so many benefits including:


Tracking your calories, heart rate, overall effort and goals

During your workout, you will be wearing a chest strap that has a monitoring system in order to track all you do throughout the workout. You will be able to see these stats on screens in the gym and be able to adjust your workout in order to meet your needs. MYZONE® is the only tracking system that exists that shows your workout in real time. Also, this is the easiest way to set your goals and achieve them! Once you set your goal, everything that you do is logged and shows your progress.

Keep track of your workouts

Seeing your workouts in real time helps to motivate during the workout, but what about tracking the workout after it is over? Not only does MYZONE® track your workouts, but it also makes it easy to track your progress towards your goals. When you start your MYZONE®, you will get a login to go online where there is a log book available. Not to mention, it links perfectly with the free MYZONE® Lite app. No matter where you are, you have access to your log book and progress.

Support and motivation

Since everyone has stats up on the screens, it becomes a great support system to encourage and motivate each other. By seeing the effort you put into your workouts, it motivates you to work harder every time and hit your goals. Besides your regular workout, MYZONE® is also great for participating in group fitness classes. Being a part of a group is motivating in itself, but being able to watch your effort while your working out pushes you that much more to work as hard as the rest of the group.

Perfect for EVERYONE

No matter your goals or why you are at the gym, MYZONE® is accomadating and perfect for everyone to reach any type of goal. Whether you are losing weight, an athlete, overcoming an injury, or just working out because it was the “doctor’s orders,” it can help you track what you are going towards. Another great benefit is that MYZONE® allows health and fitness professionals stay connected with their clients and patients, helping them to also keep track of what they have done and need to do.

Simple to use; easy to understand

You would think getting all of this would make it hard to use and incorporate into your workout. All you have to do it put on the fit belt around your chest and go work out! Afterwards, just log onto the website or get onto your MYZONE® Lite app and all of your information is already there and easy to go through. It is so easy to use to track your own workout, but if you hate working out alone, you can also compare, share and compete with others on MYZONE® to make it fun and even more motivating!

Watch MYZONE® in action and steps on how to use it from the MYZONE® President, Emmett Williams. (above)

Having all of these benefits from MYZONE® at MÜV Training leaves you with no excuses and gives you the drive to be active more often and reach your goals faster and easier.

• MYZONE® is a registered (®) trademark.

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